Synergie Coaching Days @ Clayesmore School


Sunday 6th October 2013 will see Synergie Coaching starting their regular coaching days at Clayesmore School, these days will run through until March 2014.


To give you a flavour of what to expect and the information you will get as an athlete have a look at the first few months proposed programme.


Sunday 6th October 2013 will consist of a Functional Movement Screen (FMS); an upper & body strength and power assessment; quadriceps/hamstring strength ratio assessment; a critical swim speed test with video analysis; goal setting and performance profiling.


Sunday 27th October 2013 will consist of a similar functional assessment for those that missed the 6th, a max turbo bike test assessing power, heart rate and perceived exertion; a technique swim session as well as revisiting the previous month’s goal setting to see if you achieved your aims.


Sunday 8th December 2013 will consider a 24km outdoor bike time trial or a 5 x 1km run assessment again looking at heart rate & perceived exertion plus more swim technique and a review of the athletes’ goals.


There will be two or three coaches at each session with a maximum of 10 athletes per coaching day, so a great coach to athlete ratio meaning that you get plenty of individual attention and the chance to ask questions specific to your training.


Each session cost £40 for guest athletes that want to drop in.


If you want to work smart during the close season then drop us an email and if we have the capacity you are more than welcome.

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