Been a minute…

Apologies all,

been a while since any update but things have been going on!

We’ve caught up with the athletes and conducted either in person or remote assessments so we can get a clear picture of where we are. From that combined with the athletes’ goals and taking into account their family, work, training & racing load we can start to work together on our training plans to get them where they want to be.

It has been that period where snot monsters make a guest appearance and both athletes and coaches have felt the effect of this…

As well as supporting the Team, the coaches have been busy working with International & National Federations writing policy documents, coach development modules & delivering sessions for sports. Also been delivering workshops for UK Coaching & UK Anti-Doping, as well as leading some Personal Trainer work at a local gym.

Great news is that we are heading towards the season now, with some athletes preparing for their Spring marathons, as well as getting ready for early season triathlons. With that in mind we will hopefully get back to more regular updates on what the Team is doing.

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