New venue, evolving ventures, same values & vision.


Synergie Coaching are pleased to announce that from September 2013 they will be establishing two new ventures at Clayesmore School in Blandford, Dorset.

The coaches were approached by the staff to establish a triathlon team for the Clayesmore students and this venture will see the pupils undertake a progressive training programme enabling both participation and performance athletes to excel. The team will get together once a month and training will cover both physical & mental preparation with a focus on being race ready for the 2014 season.

The training for pupils at Clayesmore will see Synergie Coaching interacting with the already established and successful swimming, biathlon, biathle, cycling & athletics squads, as well as working in conjunction with those team’s coaches.

The other aspect of training at Clayesmore is to establish a new base for the Synergie Coaching racing team’s training. Team athletes will undergo a monthly training day assessing their current training with bespoke interventions aimed at optimising their performance.

Synergie Coaching are excited by these new ventures as we are once again doing what we love; working with athletes, providing training & learning opportunities and trying to help athletes of all ages achieve their goals.   

For more information contact the coaches.

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