Winchester 10km


Looks like “Coach Nikki” is making sure that Graham
keeps his focus…

It was so cold on race day morning, but it is always a
good one to go to because Coach 2 always like to go to the Farmers’ Market &
post race is always a nice burger (Water Buffalo meat is very yummy).

for the race, I took a long time to get going as the first 2K felt very sluggish
with the climb out of the start area and a couple of undulations and climbs but
eventually it did start coming together. Into the second half of the race and I
started to have a good battle on the undulating run into the finish with a
female runner who eventually came in 3rd female’ I got chicked by three

“Coach Nikki’s” comment was not good enough, harsh, but

Total time was 40:36 and the splits are as follows:

(2) 4:16
(3) 3:58
(4) 3:53
(5) 4:19 [20:35]
(6) 4:00
(8) 3:53
(9) 4:03
(10) 3:57 [20:01]

Overall position – 51st
out of 671 & 4th in my age group out of 64.

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