The Rabbit Run


Graham was out at another 10km run.

A new one
on the race diary as I just felt I needed a race to break up the training
schedule. It was based in the New Forest at the Red Shoot camping site.

Yet another bloody freezing day.

I did an hour & half bike
ride to try to warm up before the race but that didn’t work.

As for the
race itself, apart from about a half a mile on the road at the start & in
the middle of the race, it was all forest tracks. Once into the forest and onto
the tracks for some reason half a dozen of the leaders took a wrong turning but
by the time I got there the marshals had directed us onto the correct one. 3-4K
was a really tough climb & then 4-5 was a good quality downhill forest
track, but after that the forest tracks turned into big potholes, fords and huge
puddles which made the going tough but overall, not a bad run considering the
weather and conditions underfoot.

It wasn’t quite 10K but I did reach
the 10K marker in 42 minutes & then the final in 40 seconds, so my total
time was 42:40 & came in 14th overall.

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