Somerley 10k

This was another race that seemed like a good idea when we entered it, after all we would be getting fit to do the New Year’s Day triathlon so that would carry over for the run.
Except we didn’t feature in just how tough the NYD race would be, that we would spend the best part of a day travelling from Edinburgh to Corby to catch up with relatives including driving through the snow near the Borders and then travelling back down South all within 36 hours.
The last thing we didn’t factor in was having quite a spicy chilli the night before the run…
It was a change of route within the grounds of Somerley Estate since we last did this race and it certainly felt colder.
Great support for the Wessex Autism event with about 600 athletes starting the 10k run, however…spicy chilli, 600 athletes, 6 port-a-loos…a number of everso helpful marshals kept walking up to me as I was queuing, advising me that there was a portable urinal at the end, so after the third or fourth time I think my competitors around me realised my intentions!
Race was started by his Lordship, all tweeded up and there was a real social, fun atmosphere. Only spikey bit was a short, sharp climb around the 5km mark but by 8km my legs were starting to complain about two races in four days.
So by the 4th Jan 2015 I had raced more than in all of 2014…must be time to get back to coaching & just talking about it!

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