Roster re-booted

Not appearing to be wishing my life away…but looks like 2023 season could be pretty exciting…

Anne has qualified to the 2023 World Champs

Cat is relocating and is looking to race at 70.3

Dan is tagetting IM Frankfurt

Jonny is looking to break into Elite u23

Leo will be aiming to qualify for the Elite Youth & Junior Series

Livvy will be focussed on the Regional Junior Series

Mark is doing the London Marathon & IM Frankfurt

Roger is looking to get himself fitter with a view of doing races as & when

Sophia has qualified for the European & World Championships

Stuart is aiming to race at Lanzarote 70.3, Lanzarote IM & IM Copenhagen.

While both Di & Scott are working their way through the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme’s (TASS) 18 month module on Undertsanding Athlete Transitions.

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