Osprey Sprint Triathlon

We had yet another very early start, i.e. 3:50am, in order to get to Portland before registration cut off time of 6:45am


Registration was at the sports centre but we weren’t allowed to take our bikes with us, so had to walk to the sport centre, register, head back to the car & then head to transition which was back at the sports centre.  We also had to be in the sports centre hall for one of Mark’s (let’s say) different race briefings at 6:50am, so all in all it was a very rushed morning.


The swim was a little bit different in that it was a 300mtrs pool swim (12 lengths), but once you had completed 2 lengths you had to swim under the lane ropes to do the next 2 & so on until you had completed your 12 lengths.


Then out of what was a nice warm pool & into the cold autumn air, & with me being a bit of a bit of a softie, put socks, gloves & a thin cycle jersey on for the bike ride which is best described as up a very steep hill, a quick descent down to Portland Bill then turn round, climb back up the hill you’ve just descended then down a quick steep descent back to the sports centre & into T2 where myself & Coach 2 had planned that for me to only take off my gloves in transition & then 400mtrs into the run, neatly deposited the bike jacket at Coach 2’s feet.









I struggled a little bit on the off road section of the run but once on the solid stuff I was flying (well maybe).










All in all this was a nice event to end the season on

My splits are as follows: Swim – 5:18; T1 – 1:30; Bike – 31:16; T2 – 1:21; Run – 23:52;

Overall time – 1:03:17; Overall position – 11th & 2nd in my age group

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