ITU Paratriathlon Research, European Triathlon Championships, Alanya, Turkey

P1040133Due to the fact that paratriathlon makes it debut at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio there has been a fair bit of work being undertaken to makes sure that the International Paralympic Committee and the International Triathlon Union are fully aligned with the paratriathlon classification process.

As such there has been a research group working on a revised classification scheme for about 18 months now; data collection has taken place in Valencia, at the GB Paratriathlon performance camp, at the ITU San Diego & Madrid events. The European Triathlon Championships provided a further opportunity to run athletes through the pilot scheme of the proposed classification system.

Outside temperatures were over 30 degrees and whilst most athletes were getting acclimatised to the heat, the research group spent four days in the City Hall measuring & assessing athletes; it was great to see so many athletes come forward and help inform the research that will change their sport.

We all managed to escape to watch the Paratriathlon race and despite being dressed in the black of the ITU my heart & head were swathed in the GB colours – great to see what Jon Riall & the team achieved with six gold; four silvers and two bronze medals as well as giving a lot of new athletes the chance to race for GB.

Had a brief catch up with Gra & Nikki who were out there wearing & waving the GB flag, can’t wait to hear there take on a stunning race location.




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