Gra’s December Days

On 6 December I did the MTB race in Blandford.  It was a dry(ish) day & not too muddy.  Three laps on a slightly new(ish) tweaked course.  My split times were 1st lap – 32:24; 2nd lap – 33:14; 3rd lap – 34:37.  Total time 1:40:16
On 14 December it was another Training Day consisting of turbo / run brick sessions – very good.  Followed by a pool session which consisted of emulating outdoor swim scenarios.
On 19 December I did the Moors Valley Park Run – makes sense to do this run, perhaps once a month, as it is right on my doorstep!!!  My warm up for this was a 3K swim set at Ringwood Recreation Centre.  My run time was 20:36.
On 20 December I did a 3 hour training ride & saw enough road-kill to make my own Game Pie!
25 December Merry Christmas to everyone.  I did my traditional 1 hour bike ride.
On 26 December I did Round the Lakes 10K run in Poole Park.  Run rime was 42:21, 6th in my age group & 66th overall but I did get chicked by 6 women.
On 27 December I did another 3 hour ride, getting blown from pillar to post in the strong wind.

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