Coaches Catch Up


What a great start to the season.

In the last few months the coaches have been involved with a week long camp at Sibford School on what was deemed a Super Academies Regional Camp where we hosted 27 athletes from four Regional Academies. Di & Scott had great support and input from Andy Bulloch (SW Academy) & Nick Saunders (Jersey Academy) plus great local support.

We have also completed the build so the Endless Pool is now fully functioning as is the Wattbike, gym & swimbench; so we are now in a position to really drill down on athlete assessments.

Scott has had some great learning opportunities; as well as the Clean Sport Conference he recently went out to Bloemfontein as part of a UKSport initiative with Paul Moss, Shaun Green & Emma Brunning to deliver an upskilling coaches course to coaches from South Africa, Mauritius, Zimbabwe & Namibia. A fantastic initiative with some new friends made & some great sharing of experience.

Scott met up with Emma again, as well as 10 others,  on the ITU Facilitators Course in Lausanne, a thought provoking four days but both were successful in passing the course and can now deliver coach education, Clean Sport & Paratriathlon courses for the ITU.

Scott is looking forward to starting on Sport England Connect Coaches programme which will see his coaching beliefs & behaviours checked and challenged over the next 18 months.

Di has also moved things on with her change of career starting off great guns. Di has been successful in getting the Lead Skill Schools Coach role for the South Central Region. This means that Di is responsible for upskilling coaches & athletes in the South Central Region.

She has also increased her Bikeability delivery & is working with Bournemouth Council to help deliver their sports strategy within schools and get children on their bikes. This is a great tie in with the British Cycling Breeze role that Di already fulfils getting females back on their bikes.

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