Bowood House Duathlon – Part 2

This story began in October 2018 when I entered the Bowood House Duathlon & got half a medal which showed the left hand side of the house & was told that if I wanted to get the other half then I would have to enter the triathlon the following year

(PS:  did I mention that I was an Age Group South West Regional Champion 😊).

So that is what I did, but only to get the same half of the medal as the previous year.  I queried this with the Race Director & was told that if I wanted to get the other half then I would have to compete in both races in the same year.  So that is why I entered this race (oh what we have to go through to get a bit of bling!!!!!)

Saturday was an awful day weather-wise so it was lucky that I wasn’t racing on that day.  Sunday wasn’t too great either but as this was another mid-day race start we had a leisurely get up & go start to the day.  I decided to take the time trial bike for this race because they had taken out all of the speed bumps on the bike course.  I set up transition, which was a bit damp to say the least.

The first run was two laps of the grounds & it was not the quickest run, but that is what I wanted it to be, although I did try to hold my own with the group I had settled in with.

T1 was a soggy affair but then once I was on the bike for the seven laps around the Bowood House grounds & passing Coach 2 on each lap, she was signalling my laps as I passed her because with triathletes, once they get past five, they can’t count anymore!!!  I did quite well because I had a signal that I was on the last well, which worked well because we both did it at the same time.  This sign is top secret so I can’t let anyone know.  I also got a bit wet as it decided to rain quite heavily on lap 5.

Now back into a very soggy T2 for a quick transition & then head off again on another two lap run of the grounds.  It was a little bit lonely on second run but I just put my head down & got on with it.


My splits are as follows: Run 1 – 11:21 (lap 1), 11:50 (lap 2) = 23:11 ; T1 – 0:48; Bike – 6:37, 5:52, 5:50, 5:52, 6:00, 5:57, 6:07 – 42:12; T2 – 0:41; Run – 11:54 (lap 1), 12:07 (lap 2) = 24:01; Total time – 1:30:50

Overall position – 17 & 3rd in my age group

AT LAST – I now have the second half to complete the set

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