Bournemouth Arrows 10 mile TT


Graham decided to mix it up a bit and rather than do a
10km run, tested himself on a 10 mile bike TT instead.

Getting boring
now, but yet another freezing day.

My start time was 8:09 & as I
left the car to ride down to the start it was minus 1. When I got to the start I
found out that my minute man hadn’t turned up. Damn.

I haven’t done a TT
for a long time so it was interesting to see how well I would go. As well as
being cold there was a very strong easterly wind. Heading out to the turn and
within 2 miles the minute man behind me had already overtaken me & had
disappeared in to the distance, never to be seen again, but I just concentrated
on myself & reached the turn and realised my two minute man was just in
front of me so I managed to get to him quite easily which was pleasing. I then
pushed on to the finish.

I finished with a time of 25:13, 25th overall.
(I was quite pleased with that ride considering the conditions & the fact
that I hadn’t done one for so long)

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