Big Cow Triathlon

The reason for doing this one was because I still had money left over from a Voucher from last year’s Age Group win so as we enjoy going to the Emberton Park area, & I enjoy this course, we decided to spend my winnings here. Sunday’s weather was relatively warm. Also it was not the biggest of fields for this sprint race because it was being held in conjunction with the Cowman Middle Distance race but I was there to test myself so it didn’t matter who was there.
The swim was a one lap affair. Coach 2 commented afterward about my swimming. I felt that I was swimming alright, but Coach 2 said that I was swimming all over the place, not in a very straight line – like a snake. Noted – more sighting needed.
In & out of T1 & onto the one lap bike ride. I managed to overtake a couple of people leaving transition but then it was a bit of a lonely first half of the bike ride until we joined onto the Middle Distance race course where I had a few more people to chase, which helped. Descending back down towards Emberton Park with good quality speed of 40+ mph.

Into T2. Overtook someone with my dismount which Coach 2 liked because I got a bit of a cheer from her for that one. Then onto the two lap run around Emberton Lake. The guy who I had overtaken at the dismount line obviously didn’t like that & came tearing past me after about 400mtrs & never to be seen again. Two people in the distance that I aimed for. They slowly came back to me & I managed to catch them at the start of lap 2 so I knew that I was going to be chased for the rest of the lap. Coach 2 was around the finish area & gave me a big shout because a two guys were closing fast so I had to produce a Bolt-y like sprint finish to hold them off.

My splits are:
Swim – 12:14
T1 – 1:05
Bike 34:13
T2 – 0:42
Run – 21:42
Total time – 1:09:56
Overall Position – 8th out of 124 & 2nd in my age group

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