Bala Standard Distance Triathlon

bala 022

Gra wasn’t feeling the love for this race.

My race report will be very short & brief as I want to forget it & move on.

Swim – cold.  I felt really good in the water but the time says differently.

Bike – just didn’t feel good on the bike.  I lost time going out to the turn-around point compared to last year.

Run – possibly the only good thing about the event was that I enjoyed the course & ran well.  Yes, I wasn’t fast, but for me it was good.

My splits are as follows:

Swim – 27:10

T1 – 0:50

Bike – 1:03:47

T2 – 1:01 (would’ve been quicker if the Race Referee hadn’t told me to turn my bike around)

Run – 41:49

Total:  2:14:39

Overall – 156 out of 700 & 9th in my age group

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