Back in the game

We are now taking bookings for swim analysis & movement screenings.

Over the last few weeks Di & I have undertaken some Royal Society of Medicine webinars raising our COVID awareness. We have updated our First Aid qualifications, doing bolt on modules around airborne pathogens; how to use bag-valve-masks (BVM) and ensuring our first aid kit is COVID compliant.

We have read guidance from individual sport plus triathlon governing bodies, as well as a multitude of research papers.

As such we are confident that we are COVID Secure. However, that does mean a bit more admin & organisation on all of us.

Athletes & clients need to contact us to book an appointment, usually around 72 hours in advance of when you want to come in. Any problems email

You will be emailed a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) that will have a number of questions that are COVID symptom specific. You will need to return this prior to attending.

In the covering email you will be asked what your goals are for the session and if swimming what your swim times are over any distances that you know.

Just prior to your appointment you can come to the side Synergie Coaching gate where one of us will let you in. We will be wearing a face mask and/or visor and will use a forehead thermometer to take your temperature.

We will direct you to either the gym or the pool where you will find a Cleaning Station that you will be asked to use, pre & post session. You will even be given a transition box to use.

If using the gym equipment you will be asked to use the wipes supplied to wipe it down before using it. We do clean at the start & end of each day and after each client, so this is really for your peace of mind. Similarly we will ask you to wipe it down when you are finished with it.

If using the pool we will direct you to where to get changed and how to enter the pool. If you want to shower after your swim, then please bring your own towel.

In most cases we will be able to keep a 2m distance and if we need to come within 2m we will be wearing appropriate equipment.

There will still be feedback given during the sessions but the main feedback will be given via a Zoom call or similar post-event.

Remember there is no rush to get back! You need to feel happy & comfortable that you can exercise safely in a safe environment.

Any Qs get hold of or



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