Ripon Triathlon – English National Championships

Sam was out at this one, her is her take on the day.

This was my first afternoon race (13:14 start), so I went into it a little nervous, hoping I’d got my nutrition right in the build up.
It was a sunny day, so I was wary that the temperature was going to increase even more by the time of the run.
I started in wave 3 of the day; the first female wave of the day.
The swim start went well, and I soon found myself out in front with only a few other female swim hats near me after the first few hundred meters. I found the swim tough as it was pretty weedy and a few times I became entangled in lake week and struggled to get free. It didn’t feel like a great swim for me, but I came out first female and after a smooth T1 set out onto the out and back bike leg.
It felt great racing on my Wilier TT bike for the first time this season. I felt fairly strong on the bike, and made the most of being as aero as I could throughout. One girl overtook me on the bike at about the 2km mark, but I didn’t let that last long, and overtook her within the next 1km, then staying ahead for the rest of the bike leg.
T2 went well, but as soon as I set out on the run I knew I was going to struggle.
My legs felt like jelly and I just couldn’t catch my breath. I gave it my best on the run, but, as has been a common theme this year, it just wasn’t enough for the overall win, and I was overtaken by a female at the 6km mark.
I pushed on and came in 2nd overall and 1st in my AG (25-29), which I was really happy with.
I was pleased with how my race went overall, and was proud to take home the Triathlon England National AG win.