OffCamber Enduro MTB

Having bust some bits on Box Hill, Graham went to play in the mud.

The event organisers have changed the format of this event for this winter season.  Instead of doing monthly races, they have turned it into an enduro race of 2.5hrs with one being in November & the other being in February.  The start time was 10am & it was the normal route as previous years but still went to do a reccie on the gap jump section & through the rock garden.


The start is always fast & intense behind a quadbike on a closed road section of a camp site.  The start is at the bottom of a hill & then all hell breaks loose.  Everything was going fine until we came out of the first wooded section when the guy in front of me lost control & took my front wheel out & I landed really heavily on my back.  The first thing I can remember after that was a marshal running up to me along with other riders heading towards me.  Other than that, I didn’t really remember anything else apart from my back which was really hurting me.  I jumped back on & continued to race as it is such good fun, but the concentration level has got to be so high because if you mind starts to drift elsewhere you can end up somewhere you don’t want to be.  Also, to add to my woes, my chain kept coming off.  But eventually after 2hrs 15mins I had finished, dirty (me & the bike) along with a very sore back.


PS:  I took my bike to Dave Doust & I needed a new front chain ring & a new chain.  As for my back, I went to see the Viking & got that sorted out.


My lap times are as follows:


Lap 1 – 30:14


Lap 2 – 30:32


Lap 3 – 37:11


Lap 4 – 33:56


Total time was 2:11:55