Hetton Lyons Super Series Triathlon

This race was an unusual format and different to what im used to, shorter races but two in one day, heats and finals.

My heat started well, first out of the water with Dan Dixon, there seemed to be more gaps on the swim in this race, probably because it was none wetsuit and fewer swimmers, I had the fastest T1 time too which I needed to stand any chance of staying with the leaders out of transition.

Up the slope on the first part of the bike pack, 5 of us got away, me, Dan and 3 Juniors, the Juniors seemed determined to put attacks in which led to us getting caught on the 2ndlap by a big group. I managed nevertheless to go through to the A final as a fastest loser.

In the A final I was again first out of the swim and onto the first pack but again it included most of the field, I exited T2 near the back of the field made up a couple of places but finished 25th, I was disappointed with this until I looked more closely at the results when I got home, take out the 10 Juniors and I think I was 15thyouth 14 of whom were 2ndyear Youths so it wasn’t so bad after all, but I need to get back to the list of things I need to improve on to progress.