Eton Dorney Triathlon

We were supposed to be in Lynmouth in Devon this weekend to do the Tri the Goat with 4000ft of climbing on the bike, however, as the race got pulled a few months ago I had to find another race pronto.  So, Coach 2 said can we go to Dorney again so that she could collect conkers.  Of course I said OK – happy wife, happy life & all that.

Unfortunately this involved an early start with a 4am wake up call & we arrived at Dorney in good time which gave me ample opportunity to register & rack & get prepared for the race.  I did my usual reckie of the Ins & Outs, although they hadn’t changed from when we were last there.  I was now ready for my 9am swim start.  I was in Wave 2 so Wave 1 was well on their way as the waves were an hour apart.

The swim was 2 x 750mtr laps in the lake.  I didn’t have any problems in the swim & thought that it went very well.  Into T1 for a quick transition & then out onto the 8 lap bike course which is quite simple to describe.

Out of T1 & bear right then head out up to the top of the lake (with a tailwind), have a drink, then at the turn around point you come back down the other side (with a headwind) so this was much slower, at the turnaround point have another drink & then repeat, again & again, & so on.

Into T2 for another quick(ish) transition as I had a small issue with my right shoe.  I then headed out on the opposite side of the lake for a 2 lap 10K run which again was one way tailwind & the other headwind.  By this time the wind had picked up so the return legs were very difficult.  The first lap I was pretty much by myself as there weren’t that many people on the course, but the second lap I had a few more people to chase down, which helped.

My splits are:

Swim – 24:07

T1 – 1:01

Bike – 1:09:48

T2 – 0:58

Run – 41:49

Total time – 2:17:45

Overall position was 15th out of 152 & 2nd in my age group

This year’s Tri season is now over so I’m looking forward to having some quality winter training sessions & planning my races & very much looking forward to next year already.

Finally, I would like to thank my loyal & patient wife Nikki (Coach 2) for always being by myside & giving me 100% of her support.  I also want to thank Scott & Di for their very much appreciated advice & continuing support.