Goodwood Duathlon

This wasn’t supposed to be my first race of the season but after talking to a couple of friends that we met whilst out in Ringwood last month, I thought why not.  I love my motor racing & myself & Coach 2 had never been to Goodwood, so off we pootled

It was not an early start as the race was due to kick off at 10:30am.  Transition was in the pit lane. 

It was also a different format for a duathlon with a short run first, obviously followed by the bike bit, then a longer run.  
There was a slight delay with the start due to technical issues with the timing mat so eventually started at 10:45am.  
It was was quite a simple format.  Run lap of the circuit, cycle ten laps of the circuit then run two laps of the circuit.
The first run lap I felt OK then into T1 for a swift transition before heading off on the first of my ten laps. 

With the assistance of Coach 2 in the viewing gallery above the pit lane, I was able to keep a track of how many laps I was doing as she was sticking the relevant amount of fingers up at me!!!  She said that one person next to her did laugh out loud when she stuck two fingers up at me.  Can’t think why!!!

As it was so open around the back of the course, it was extremely windy however, I enjoyed the ride & managed to stay in the aero tuck position for the whole of the bike.  

Into T2 for another quick transition before heading off on my final two laps of the run.  Surprisingly, I felt OK (ish).

Just for your info, the first run lap was 3.8K, the bike laps totalled 38K & the final run was 7.6K.  Below are a rough splits for the event, taken from my watch:
Run 1  Lap 1 -16:49
Bike: Lap 1 – 6:27 Lap 2 6:18 Lap 3 – 6:24 Lap 4 – 6:21 Lap 5 – 6:30 Lap 6 – 6:28 Lap 7 – 6:33 Lap 8 – 6:32 Lap 9 – 6:35 Lap 10 – 6:25
Run 2  Lap 1 – 16:17 Lap 2 – 16:40 Overall time – 1:57:22
Overall position – 41 out of 132 (38th male & 6th in my age group of 50-59)

Conclusion:  This was a long race to start the season but I was very pleased with the outcome, especially with the second run.  Bring on the rest of the season.  Let’s go racing